Wild Yield Slot Review

Wild Yield Slot Review

October 27, 2022 Football Match

Wild Yield Slot Review

Wild Yield is a slot game by Relax Gaming software providers. The game’s theme revolves around a countryside tour to show where food comes from. Its main aim is to remind players that food comes from somewhere (farm) to supermarket shelves or is a product of the earth. To enjoy a bumper yield, one has to grow seeds, water them and ensure enough sun reaches the crops on time. Remember, without any of the favorite conditions, the crops will die because of drought or natural disaster. The producer of this slot game used this perfect scenario to develop the Wild Yield. The online game allows the players to undergo the highs and lows of food supply to enable them to appreciate the efforts after making a win.

As more developers are making farm slots games, so should you purpose to play this game. The Wild Yield has great visuals that make it enjoyable to play the game on the screen of your phone or tablet. The graphics are also wonderful, with the hills and mountains in the background creating an exciting theme. The game entails a red barn, various crops, and a windmill that runs slowly. It also has a scarecrow who sleeps when a player doesn’t activate the reels that monitor the whole process. Moreover, the banjo track with outstanding finishing invites players to try their luck on the table.

When playing this game, you must be careful as the Wild Yield resembles the ground where the food grows before reaching the intended markets. This is because it also goes through various trucks, which requires keenness to get everything right. The game is highly volatile and has a theoretical return of 96.12%. The game also enables players to earn 10p/c to 20 euros per spin.

You will be able to play on a five-by-5-panel with 259 connected ways of winning. To win this game, you must match symbols from left to right from the first reel that connect horizontally, diagonally, or vertically. The low pays in this game are the wooden J-A royal which is 1X the bet for five of a kind. Aubergines, tomatoes, pumpkin, and lettuce are the highest pays in the Wild Yield slot, earning 3X the bet for five of a kind.

However, the wild symbols will allow a player to substitute any paying symbol, which makes it a more useful feature in the game. It’s also the most valuable symbol as it’s 3X the bet and is helpful in the game.

Wild Yield Quick Info

Title: Wild Yield

Developer: relax gaming

Reels: 5

Rows: 5

Paylines: 259

RTP: 96.12%

Max win: 50,000X the bet

Min/max bet: 20 p/c to 20 euros per spin

Volatility: High

Release Date: 23rd November 2022

Wild Yield Features

The features that make this game worth your time include weather symbols, free spins, an extra free spin buy option, and feature buy. Let’s look at each of the features below;


This feature lets players destroy or remove the weather, bonus, and winning symbols. If you get a wild symbol with a counter, it can’t undergo this. Instead, it will reduce by -1. When these symbols enter into the gaps, they create new wins. This is continuous that happens until no visible symbol is there to be removed.

Weather Symbols

When you hit weather symbols, they can activate the wild symbols. The weather symbols are available in different types like rain, earthquake, tornado, fire, and frost. Remember, fire will be activated as free spins. Using the weather symbols can earn you 1 or 2 from the group, changing the pattern of the symbols on the grid to wild.

However, the weather symbol will help you make an increase of +1 when it hits/ changes an already existing wild symbol. The good thing about this feature is it serves as a multiplier for connected ways, making you earn more wins before getting removed.

Free Spins

While playing Wild Yield, earning three scatter symbols on a single base game will make you six free spins. If more scatter symbols appear on the grid, it will give you an extra free spin. Remember, when playing with free spins, if you manage to transform any position to wild symbols, it will result in a mark on the sideboard close to the reels.

But if you succeed in hitting the weather symbol on a free spin, it will activate all the marked positions on the board, changing the rest of the positions into wilds. To enjoy multipliers in the game, you must strive to have more marked places on the board.

Extra Free Spins

After enjoying the free bonus rounds, you can get extra free spins. This happens if you land no more than ten weather symbols at a specified price. If you buy extra spin, it will equate to carryovers. However, if the symbols get transformed to wilds on the reel, they will be marked on the sideboard. You can also buy the extra free spins until you reach ten weather symbols, increasing the RTP to 96.5%. It’s also possible to buy free spins and get 90X the bet with an RTP of 96.5%.


The Wild Yield slot game is one of the games that will make farming an enjoyable economic activity. The game requires one to be tactful as it’s tough but with good rewards. It’s one game that lets players be in charge of everything to get the desired results. What stands out is the game is safer as it allows players to play with the farm-based theme to earn a win. You can use the extra free spins buy option to increase your earnings without worrying about losing much.

The buy button and marked positions on the sideboards make this game worth your time and attention. But this happens after you get a weather symbol on the extra spin. You, however, need to be ready to keep trying as the game will make you bet several times to land an extra spin, earning 1X the bet or even less. But since the game has a winning potential of 50,000X your bet, you might get lucky and smile all the way to the bank.

You can play this game without much expertise or gain experience after some time and be ahead of the competition. When you understand the tricks of this slot game, it will be easier to buy free spins, get the extra free spins and double your wins without depending on luck only. So, all you need to do is play your part and understand the insights of the game to keep getting more bet wins.