Taiko Beats Slot Review

Taiko Beats Slot Review

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Taiko Beats Slot Review

Taiko Beats is a slot machine by Habanero with a Japanese theme. More specifically, the Japanese influence comes from its emphasis on percussion instruments, which are known as Taiko in that nation. The design features a lot of red and gold, but that is typical for that region of the world.

There are 243 different ways to win on Taiko Beats’ 5×3 reels. You can come across significant features like sticky multiplier wilds and free spins. You may receive a payout of up to 4,005 times the bet with their assistance. However, if we consider the extremely high volatility rating, the payments are smaller than expected. The RTP has a wider range and could be as high as 96.48% or 98.18%.

Betting and Prizes

The minimum stake size is $0.25 and you must use at least 25 coins. It appears that the limit is substantially greater, possibly even up to $25,000.

Taiko Beats pays no more than 4,005 times the wager at the end of a round despite its use of sticky multiplier wilds and the several possibilities to win. I wanted a higher return because of the extremely high volatility rating.

There are four different RTPs, and 96.48% is the one I would like to achieve. One is available at 98.18%, but I don’t think many people will use it.

Taiko Beats game features

The wild, which is poised to become a standard substitute during the paid spins, is the most popular special feature you will see in Taiko Beats. Once you enter the free spins, it will have a few extra tricks up its sleeve, like the ability to get sticky anytime it replaces another symbol and aids in your victory. For the subsequent rounds, it is first upgraded to a 2x multiplier wild and then to a 3x one.

Most people would say that the slot’s major feature is the free spins. Through scatters, you can earn up to 28 free spins. The wilds now become sticky multiplier symbols if they are a part of wins, as I have indicated.

Theme & Design

Percussion instruments serve as the inspiration for Taiko Beats’ theme. In Japan, any kind of drum is referred to as a “taiko,” a term that has Chinese roots. The lucky kitties and other items that are displayed on the shelves give the impression that the action is taking place inside of some sort of store. Royals and a variety of percussion instruments are featured on the reels in addition to Royals.


Overall, Taiko Beats seems like a solid demo slot with a unique theme and a respectably potent feature. Even at its highest, it doesn’t pay out much, so even while the RTP can be acceptable, it would be a major drawback.