Ireland vs Afghanistan 5th T20 Betting Review

Ireland vs Afghanistan 5th T20 Betting Review

August 16, 2022 Sports Match

Ireland vs Afghanistan 5th T20 Betting Review

Both teams played 4 games in the series. Afghanistan did well in the last two games and levelled the series by 2-2. It is a massive achievement for any team after losing the first 2 couple of games. In cricket of 20 overs, any thin may happen at any time. The betting review has consisted of the latest performance, head-to-head, squads, odds, tips, predictions, star players, match detail and expected winner. After reading all information, you will be able to make predictions.

Latest performance

Both teams played 4 games in the series. In the first two games, Ireland remained undefeated versus Afghanistan. It was a massive achievement by the hosts. Experts were expecting that Ireland would win the series easily. However, Afghanistan bounced back very well in the last two games to level the series.

The last game was reduced to 11 overs per side. Afghanistan won the toss and decided to do bat first. In the given overs of 11, they made 132 runs with some fast players. Yes, Gurbaz scored 24 crucial runs from the top. After that, Najibullah Zardan also added 50 critical runs to the total.

We cannot forget the dangerous player of the day. Yes, Rashid Khan made 24 runs from just 10 balls. It created additional pressure on the Ireland side. That is the reason to make 132 runs on just 66 balls.

If we talk about the Ireland side, then they failed to handle pressure. Paul Stirling fell on just 20 runs. Four significant players went back to the pavilion on just 66 runs. After that, no one stays on the crease to face the Afghanistan bowlers.

Fareed Malik picked up 3 wickets to rattle all the hopes of Ireland. So, we also expect the same kinds of performance in the next game.

Star players

In Ireland, we can trust the skipper, Balbrine, Stirling and Harry Tractor. These players can change all the expectations of Afghanistan at any time.

We cannot forget the dangerous side of Afghanistan. Najib, Gurbaz, Rashid Khan and Majeed are all dangerous players to do well in the middle of innings. They have a lot of experience in the past also.

Head to Head

From head to head, both teams faced each other on 15th August 2022. The final result remained in favour of Afghanistan.


If we see predictions, Afghanistan has a 65% chance to win. On the other side, Ireland also gained a 20% chance of winning. Afghanistan succeeded in creating pressure on the teams.

Final Words

After seeing the results of the last two games, all the predictions changed in favour of Afghanistan. They altar all the expectations of experts and viewers. No doubt, Ireland would like to win the game and series also. But, it will not be any easy now. In the end, I would like to take the side of Afghanistan to win the game and hold the trophy. We made all predictions on behalf of past data. You can compare it.