Heroes Arrow Slot Review

Heroes Arrow Slot Review

December 7, 2021 Football Match

Heroes Arrow Slot Review

It is a game in which the Archer fires arrows at the trees in the forest. After a long time, Playtech has finally delivered some decent and appealing graphics. To alter the pairs, you can use a variety of symbols. On the reels, I’ve noticed some characters dressed in Middle Ages garb. The users’ primary focus will be on bows and arrows. Rarestone Gaming received permission from the creator to release it.

RTP & Reels

The slot machine has five reels and twenty pay lines. To reach the 500x stake, we offer a number of set jackpots. Free spins, arrow shots, wilds, medium volatility, and many other great features are available. In this slot machine, the RTP increased to 96.38 percent.

Range of bets and payouts

All of the gamers want to know how much they may bet on the slot machine. So it’s not a big deal to use it for newbies as well. They have a chance to win up to 500 times their stake. The jackpots started at 100x and went up to 20x. So, if you’ve played before, you’ll know how important it is to be cool and collected until the end of the game.

Heroes Arrow Slot Machine Features

You must concentrate on the wild symbols, just as you must in the other slots. It will appear on the third, fourth, and fifth reels. The alternate combination for players was shown by their places. It is entirely up to you to decide how you will handle the situation.

You’ll notice that the fifth reel stands out more than the others. The first four reels of the slot will be your initial aim. Otherwise, any loss is your responsibility. I’d like to request that you keep aware while putting together combinations.

After you’ve completed the first assignment, your second attention should be on the fifth reels. Green and red are the colors of heroes. All of these symbols will be found on the same row and on the same reels. In short time, the Arrow sign will begin to trigger automatically. The Archer will also shoot the target in order to win the jackpots. These heroes can pay between 2 and 8 times the stakes. One thing to keep in mind is that the red hero, like the 500x, will pay you minor bank. However, it is not a significant quantity.


The majority of people anticipated the same type of slot. They wanted to perform a Robin Hood narrative. A slew of new features have been introduced to the reels. To find the highest jackpots, use the Archer, Lady, Soldier, Castles, Money Bags, and other Goblets. There are also a certain number of royals, ranging from 10 to A.


According to my observations, a large number of users will agree. It has been made out of low-risk bets that have won the maximum prizes. The creators combined the lower and upper banks in their design. Don’t be concerned about RTP’s value. Overall, it is a fantastic slot for all players to enjoy.