Defensa y Justicia vs Aldosivi Betting Tips and Prediction

Defensa y Justicia vs Aldosivi Betting Tips and Prediction

July 9, 2022 Sports Match

Defensa y Justicia vs Aldosivi Betting Tips and Prediction

When they play Aldosivi on Monday, Defensa y Justicia will have the chance to win their first match of the second phase of the Argentine Primera Division at their home stadium, Norberto Tomaghello.

Despite sitting above Aldosivi in the table on goal differential and El Verde winning their first second-round matchup last Monday, 2-1 over Rosario Central, Halcon is the only team in this stage of the championship without a victory after six games.

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Defensa y Justicia vs Aldosivi  Betting  odds

Team Bet365 Betway 1xbet
Defensa y Justicia 1.61 1.63 1.65
Aldosivi 6.50 5.40 5.45

Tips and Prediction

We haven’t seen the same Defensa team so far in the second phase as we did in the first, when they finished third in Group A with points from 11 of their 14 games played.

Their recent domestic play has hurt their hopes of winning the Primera for the first time, and they are currently clinging to a spot in the Copa Sudamericana for the upcoming season on goal differential.

With Defensa having won an international trophy (the Copa Sudamericana and Recopa Sudamericana) in each of the previous two seasons, Sebastian Beccacece returned to the club for a third time to a team with far higher expectations than in his previous two stints.

When it comes to Beccacece, the key to winning is patience, occasionally mixed with intensity to recover balls in the middle of the field before countering.

Halcon has only lost once at home in their whole domestic season, but if you include the first phase and this one, they have allowed six points to elude them.

Last week, Aldosivi received a much-needed boost to their second-round campaign when a goal with less than 10 minutes left ended a nine-match losing streak in league play that dated back to the first phase.

With a total of 82 points over their last two seasons combined with this one, they are in danger of being relegated. This is a result of them finishing near the bottom of the overall table in each of the previous two Primera campaigns. Aldosivi have an average of 1.098 when you multiply that number by the number of games they have played during that time period, which places them barely above Godoy Cruz and on the cusp of falling into Nacional B.

Leandro Somoza, the manager, would prefer not to have math determine whether or not his team will remain in the top division, but when he looks at the team’s figures, it is obvious what they are lacking.

Simply put, their performance in this round of the competition has not been good enough. After six games, they have scored three goals, the fewest of any top-flight team, while also giving up the second-most goals (10) and being defeated 8-1 away from home.

In 14 straight games in all competitions, Tiburon has only scored once in the second half, so if you’re anticipating a goal, it probably will come in the first 45 minutes.


Halcon are generally more reliable and have greater quality in all three areas of the game, but Aldosivi appear disorganized and out of sorts away from home, despite the fact that neither team has been particularly strong during this round of the campaign.