Bestwood Slot Review

Bestwood Slot Review

July 26, 2022 Football Match

Bestwood Slot Review

It is the latest slot of Quickspin with the new Bestwood title. It consists of all the significant features and functions. You will enjoy the initial step to starting the slot machine. Be happy to see the endless reels in the slot also. We have seen some new and latest mechanics to use. You will see some monsters, dark forests, high-quality options and other features.

There are 3 reels in the slot machine and 64 ways to win. If you do well at the start, you can get endless spins in the slot. Some of the reels and symbols will add to the passage of time. I have checked that if you do well, you can win up to 29,541x the stake. Moreover, the value of RTP is also 96%. It is not a lower value. Adding symbols, multipliers, free spins, and jackpots will increase the demand for the game.


At the start of gameplay with any symbol, you need to use a 2x multiplier with the help of Reel Multipliers. Moreover, you will get more symbols on the same reels. There are the additional multipliers which already been gathered by you. In the end, the value will apply one character, as shown in the paytable slot machine.

When you pick 4 bonuses in the views, the slot will release 10 more free spins. It is the composition of plus, initial and bonus symbols. The Reels multiplier will apply on each reel to attain these features beyond the 4th. Each extra spin will give you more bonus symbols as soon as possible. All the information have taken from the instructions of the slot machine.

Betting and Prizes

The betting range has started from only 20 cents to $100. It is an excellent pair to place a bet for everyone.

By doing well in the middle of the game, you can win up to 29,541x the stake prizes. You should be a motivated player in this game. All the reel multipliers and endless reels are well to use with the given option. I want to ask you if the value of RTP will deviate from the original.

Theme of Slot

The start of Bestwood begins off in the old mansion. It is inhabited by monsters and hunters, by the looks of it. There are three reels in the slot to place on the purple scroll. You may increase these reels on the demand of gameplay. The game’s excellent graphics and modern look are good to see here. If we talk about the symbols, then Royals from 10 to A will show on red monsters, demons and monster hunters.


It is the only slot that is good for all users worldwide. But, do not forget to use the experience here. The presence of graphics, usual setting and setup, different mechanics, features, entertaining moments and profits will be enough to play it. In the end, it is an average game of casino.