Animal Madness Slot Review

Animal Madness Slot Review

May 9, 2022 Football Match

Animal Madness Slot Review

Every year, Play n GO, a leading player in the online gambling market, releases dozens of new and exciting slot machines. One of them is Animal Madness. According to the appearances, the slot will be one of the finest alternatives for farming-themed games.

Animal Madness will include a Cluster Pays system and will be played on 5×5 reels. Expect it to have a medium level of volatility, with top payouts of up to 2,250 times the stake. The RTP values span a wide range, with the highest reaching 96.20 percent. Its cascading reels, the different types of wilds that can appear through modifiers, and a random bonus dubbed Rabbit Mayhem are all intriguing aspects.

Prizes and Betting

This game has one of the lowest starting wagers in the industry, with only $0.10 required to spin the reels. On the other hand, we see that it accepts bets of up to $100.

Animal Madness boasts a fantastic top prize, capable of paying out up to 2,250 times the stake. That’s a rather good top prize, especially for a medium-volatility slot like this one. Individual wins can be worth up to 1,800 times the stake if they take over enough reels, and there are cascades that can result in much more payouts.

You have a maximum RTP of 96.20 percent, as well as multiple minor RTPs. When possible, go for the highest RTP; it’s the only one that’s higher than the industry average for this type of slot.

Features of the Animal Madness Slot Machine

In Animal Madness, the game area is made up of 5×5 symbols, resulting in a total of 25 symbols on the reels. You create winning clusters by grouping together 4 to 18+ matching symbols. These must come into contact with each other horizontally or vertically.

When a cluster forms, a cascade occurs, removing any winning symbols from the reels. Others will take their place, potentially resulting in new victorious clusters and even more cascades.

These cascades are counted as you progress through them, and at certain points, modifiers will be triggered:

  • Three double-stacked Wild Chickens appear somewhere on the reels after three cascades.
  • You obtain a single Wild Goat after 6 cascades, which takes up 2×3 spots.
  • You have two Wild Sheep, each with 2×2 places, after 9 cascades. The symbols are also upgraded.
  • You obtain a 3×3 Wild Cow on the reels after 12 cascades.

Because all of these cascades must occur in a single spin, the metre resets between rounds. Of course, regardless of the animal that appears in them, all of these wilds are utilised as substitutes.

The final item worth mentioning is Rabbit Mayhem. It’s triggered at random, and it’ll only appear after you’ve lost a few rounds. It will give you a second opportunity by randomly removing symbols, triggering the cascade mechanic.

Design & Theme

Farm life has long been a popular theme among slot machine creators, and it makes for a good design. This is certainly the case here, although Play n GO is known for its excellent slot machine graphics. Behind the reel is a red barn, and closer to you is a stable, with the reels set against the latter.

Green pumpkins, tomatoes, wheat, and corn are among the emblems displayed. The animals are represented by the top symbols, which include a hen, a goat, a sheep, and a cow. Along the road, the latter could appear as vast wilds.


Animal Madness demonstrates why Play n GO is the industry leader once again. Despite the fact that they release a large number of slots each year, they manage to generate beautiful graphics in each one and frequently incorporate new mechanics.